Thursday, August 27, 2015

[Presenting] WMI in KC in Oct at SQLSat!

Got the nod.  So, I'm happy to announce I'll be presenting at SQL Saturday 444, Aka SQL Sat KC 2015 (#SQLSatKC, @KCSQLSaturday), on October 3rd, 2015, at Rockhurst University. 

My presentation is a new one, and so I'm still finding neat new things to show everyone.  The subject is WMI, which most SQL folk don't know.  Which makes sense, as it's mostly a Windows technology, meant to give sysadmins info about their boxen.  HOWEVER!  We'll be tackling why you care about it, as well as cool things you can do with it.

More details forthcoming.

But overall, if you're anywhere near Kansas City, I heartily encourage you to attend: flights there are cheap, the day-before BBQ is EPIC, and they have a really good selection of speakers.  In part it's because the KC folk are awesome, partly because their SQLSat is well organized, and finally because they love having speakers from far and wide, which encourages people like me to drive 10 hours to present there.  Oh, and BBQ.  MmmmmMMmmmm BBQ.

Offtopic: code is available on github

Just an FYI, since I ran into the problem today. 

Many of my posts contain code.  In order to make it easier to view/copy the code, and so I have a backup of it somewhere, I store my code on GitHub.  Specifically, I use gists.

So, most of my newer code is available via

Additionally, I use inline scripts to make this code available.  So if you're using a cross-site-blocker such as RequestPolicy, you'll need to enable in order to view the code.