Saturday, December 31, 2016

[presenting] SQL Saturday Nashville, just two weeks away! Jan 14th, 2017

SQLSat Nashville 2017

Thrilled to be presenting again, and starting off 2017 with a bang! 

I'll be talking about my fave topic, Event Notifications, ad how to use them across your environment.  It's my standard talk, to be honest, but I'm really happy to present to a new crowd!  

There's a great list of speakers - just off the top, Kevin Kline, Louis Davidson, Geoff Hiten, Andy Yun, Argenis Fernandez... I am so psyched for this!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

[Event Notifications] Changing the owner of the endpoint

So the guy who set up Event Notifications, which you now love and adore, left.  And it turns out he set it up as his user on all the boxes, so it stopped working and now you need to change the owner of the Endpoints.  How?  Simple:


USE master;
 SUSER_NAME(principal_id) AS endpoint_owner
,name AS endpoint_name
FROM sys.endpoints;

USE master;