Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[Presenting] SQL Saturday San Antonio, here I come!

Woot!  August 13th, see you there!  Looking through the sessions, there's going to be a ton of awesome.  R services, Hekaton, Window Functions, BIML, IaaS, Query Store, Event Notifications(plug, plug) and more! 

And looking at just part of the lineup makes me happy - Amy Herold, Tim Costello, Tim Mitchell, Steve Jones, John Sterrett... holy crap, Boles is going to be there?! And Kalen Delaney?!!?!! And I'm not presenting against them?!  Squee!!

@SQLSatSanAntone and #SQLSatSA

Powershell - kill processes remotely

Simple problem: we had to replace the config files for an app that hits the database, pointing it at a CNAME. 

However, the file could be in use because the app was running.  And the app only loads the file on startup.  So we came up with this, which worked quite well.  Note that we use WMI (see my other posts on it!) to grab the application info then a WMI method to terminate the app.