Monday, March 10, 2008

[Maint] Show free space within a database

I use this all the time. Not sure where it came from, though it's probably from Simon Sabin's Taskpad_view report for SSMS. This will run on 2000 or 2005, and will show you how big your database is, as well as how much of that is used.

create table #data(Fileid int NOT NULL,
[FileGroup] int NOT NULL,
TotalExtents int NOT NULL,
UsedExtents int NOT NULL,
[Name] sysname NOT NULL,
[FileName] varchar(300) NOT NULL)

create table #log(dbname sysname NOT NULL,
LogSize numeric(15,7) NOT NULL,
LogUsed numeric(9,5) NOT NULL,
Status int NOT NULL)
insert #data exec('DBCC showfilestats with no_infomsgs')
insert #log exec('dbcc sqlperf(logspace) with no_infomsgs')

select [type], [name], totalmb, usedmb, totalmb - usedmb as EmptySpace from
select 'DATA' as [Type],[Name],(TotalExtents*64)/1024.0 as [TotalMB],(UsedExtents*64)/1024.0 as [UsedMB]
from #data
union all
select 'LOG',db_name()+' LOG',LogSize,((LogUsed/100)*LogSize) from #log where dbname = db_name()
--order by [Type],[Name]
order by [Type],[Name]
drop table #data
drop table #log

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