Monday, June 23, 2008

[Shopping] Results of my pressure cooker expedition

So, I got one. Fagor Duo. In retrospect, the Splendid would work fine, since very few recipes call for 7psi - everyone uses 15. And while some things work wonderfully well, it's not a panacea.

For one, most of the recipes are things you could've done in a crockpot. (Although maybe that's a plus...)

Secondly, while some things work wonderfully, others don't. I have a beef stew (I'll put the recipe up, even though it's not baking) that normally needs to cook for 40 minutes. With the pressure cooker, it cooks for 20... but requires 5 minutes to get up to temp, and 15 to cool down (better results). So the same time, and I have to clean the pressure cooker. Some things work well... but is cooking something in 10 minutes that much better than something in 20?

However, the beef stew _does_ gain the following:
1) Even more tender
2) Flavor better
3) The potatoes get cooked with the meat, so I don't have to deal with boiling potatoes or scrubbing that pot to remove the starch.

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