Friday, June 12, 2009

[Cruft] New DMV in 2008 - SP details

One of the things I've been hoping/waiting/praying for, in SQL 2008, is the ability to see when an SP was last run. In 2000 and 2005 you can do it, so long as it's still in the cache. Which means that things only run sporadically won't occur.

Imagine my happiness:
SELECT * FROM sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats

Extra credit: join to sys.procedures (also new) to get the object.

So, now you can see, since the server was started, what runs. And since your server stays up for several months at a time, you have a good "hit list" of procs that can be scripted out and removed.

I'll update this post when we get a good working version.
(Thanks to Hammer for his help)

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