Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Powershell] What a piece of $#!+

Wow. So, Powershell is Microsoft's idea of UNIX: a command-line shell. Unfortunately, more than a bit half-assed, even with version 2.0.

I grabbed a module to allow UI scripting. Here's what I have to do in order to run a simple Hello World with it:

  1. download Powershell
  2. download PowerShellPack
  3. install both
  4. start Powershell
  5. Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted (so I can run scripts)
  6. Import-Module PowerShellPack (needs to be done each time)
  7. Hit ctrl+c because it's going to ask me once per script, and there are about 50. And, each time I run powershell.
  8. Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass (hello, usefulness, goodbye protection. Grrrr)
  9. Import-Module PowerShellPack
  10. Import-Module WPK
  11. New-Label "Hello, World" -Show
  12. get odd error: Exception calling ".ctor" with "0" argument(s): "The calling thread must be STA, because many UI components require this."
  13. read blog
  14. change shortcut to Powershell to add -STA
  15. restart Powershell
  16. Import-Module PowerShellPack
  17. Import-Module WPK
  18. New-Label "Hello, World" -Show


WTF. Am I a bad person if I wonder why the hell I have to jump through all these hoops?

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