Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CHAR() vs CHAR()

Another of the "I forget the tool so let's put it in the blog" posts.

Obviously there's the datatype. But you can also create high-ascii & low-ascii symbols that might show up as a tiny square, or (at least in SSMS) not show up at all.

A map:
This also explains some of the other code you may have seen for BULK INSERT, such as 0x0a (which is "newline" or "linefeed", the Unix "return"; Windows uses CR/LF). It can also be used to clean up code. Instead of something like
+ ''' +

you could use
+ char(39) + 

The value in CHAR has to be a number. Which is, naturally, both good and bad.

more examples:
select char(20) --random low-ascii
select char(32) --space

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