Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[Powershell] Basics to run a SQL query

Putting this here for when the new guy starts. The learning curve can suck at certain points, like the installer. See my other post about it. Grr.

  • Install Powershell 2
  • Install SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack: Powershell Extensions
  • Install SQL Powershell Extensions:
  • Add this line to My Documents\WindowsPowerShell\profile.ps1: "add-pssnapin SqlServerCmdletSnapin100; add-pssnapin SqlServerProviderSnapin100;" (no quotes)
  • Start Powershell and see if it works:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned (or
    Invoke-Sqlcmd -query "select getdate(), @@version" -serverinstance "yourservername"|Export-Csv c:\testps.txt –notypeinformation

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