Friday, June 15, 2012

Columnstore - errors if you run queries on SSMS 2008

Still trying to find the exact behavior, but running queries in SSMS 2008R2 threw a couple weird errors when hitting a table with Columnstore.  First, the estimated execution plan wouldn't use the CS, even when explicity called.  (that may be due to a cross-table view)

Then, I managed to get this error:
Instance validation error: 'Batch Hash Table Build' is not a valid value for PhysicalOpType.
which doesn't really come up in google.  And THAT occurs because (yup) the XML parser for the execution plan in SSMS 2008 doesn't know about "Batch Hash Table Build", because it's pre-columnstore.

Minor issue, but annoying.  If only SSMS 2012 didn't keep locking up on me.  : (

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