Friday, April 5, 2013

[tips] using OPENROWSET to avoid "An INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested."

Found this, looks like from Paul Ibison (  In this case I _did_ need it for replication, but this could be useful whenever you are run into the error "An INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested.".

One note - depending on how the original piece of code works, you may or may not need the SET FMTONLY OFF;.  (In this case I do).  If you do, be aware that the code is run TWICE.  For this, it works fine, but keep it in mind.

USE eif_workspace
create table dbo.repmonitor (
[status] int null,
warning int null ,
subscriber sysname null ,
subscriber_db sysname null ,
publisher_db sysname null ,
publication sysname null ,
publication_type int null ,
subtype int null ,
latency int null ,
latencythreshold int null ,
agentnotrunning int null ,
agentnotrunningthreshold  int null ,
timetoexpiration  int null ,
expirationthreshold  int null ,
last_distsync  datetime null ,
distribution_agentname  sysname null ,
mergeagentname  sysname null ,
mergesubscriptionfriendlyname  sysname null ,
mergeagentlocation  sysname null ,
mergeconnectiontype  int null ,
mergePerformance  int null ,
mergerunspeed float null ,
mergerunduration int null ,
monitorranking  int null ,
distributionagentjobid  binary(30) null ,
mergeagentjobid binary(30) null ,
distributionagentid  int null ,
distributionagentprofileid int null ,
mergeagentid int null ,
mergeagentprofileid int null ,
logreaderagentname sysname null

Insert Into aud.dbo.repmonitor


FROM OPENROWSET('SQLNCLI', 'Server=yourservername;Trusted_Connection=yes',  'set fmtonly off;  exec distribution..sp_replmonitorhelpsubscription @Publisher=@@servername,@publication_type=0')

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