Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#SQLSaturday255 - I'm presenting In Dallas on November 2nd!

Howdy, all.  I'm proud to announce that I'll be presenting on Event Notifications (aka "Master of All I Survey") at SQL Saturday 255 in Arlington (Texas) on November 2nd.  I personally will be presenting at 2:45, in Room 109, but there are almost 50 different sessions, including such luminaries as Joe Celko and Grant Fritchey, just to name a couple.  So I'm definitely ramping up my presentation in response!

What we'll be covering:
  • What is Service Broker and why is it useful?
  • What are Event Notifications and what good are they?
  • How do we use Event Notifications to track code changes (DDL)?
  • How do we centralize that for many machines?
  • Reporting?
  • EN Tricks: emailing errors, watching for Bad Things, and checking into TFS automagically.

I think I've got a good mix of Presentation and Demos, and my goal is to send you home with code that you want to use immediately, and CAN use immediately!

See you there!

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