Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[SQLSaturday] Thanks for coming to see me at Oklahoma City!

Thanks again for all the generous hospitality, and the 28(!) people who came to my session.  It seemed like everybody enjoyed it!  I got a bunch of good reviews, and a couple suggestions I'll implement for SQL Saturday 300 (This. Is. Kansas City!) but feel free to let me know what I could have done to improve things - I know the room was warm and I saw people flagging near the end.

Matt Brimer did an amazing job, and I will definitely return.  Great venue, most of the speakers were good, food was awesome.  All around, a fantastic SQLSat.

Slides and everything are available off the SQL Saturday Web site, at:

Note that that's not only all my slides, but the scripts as well.  I have a newer, complete version of the Repository - I'll have that put up on here in the next day or so (updated: , see "EN Full Repository Setup").  That should be everything required to run the code on your servers.  Installers, new databases, everything.


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