Friday, January 16, 2015

[SQLSaturday] Presenting at #SQLSatAustin - January 31st 2015! (two weeks away!)

Quick note:

I will be presenting SQLWatchdog (Event Notifications) at SQL Saturday Austin.  It looks like it's going to have a ton of good presentations - heck, there's a service broker presentation up against mine!  And there's some recently-under-NDA stuff that Conor Cunningham will be presenting on, too!  And a wish-I-could-go-but-my-family-is-coming Precon on Friday, as well.

All around, good selection of speakers, good precons - a good time had by all.  Come learn some new SQL tricks - I've been at a ton of these now, and I still learn something new.  It costs $10 for a day of training(!!!!!), and that's basically covering lunch.  I'm psyched.  Maybe I can even eat at Franklin's!


This will probably be one of my last presentations of SQLWatchdog, unless I make PASS 2015.  I've pretty much hit all the SQLSats that are within decent driving distance (and a couple that aren't), so it's time to come up with a new presentation.  Mixed feelings about it - still ultra-psyched about EN (and I still use the everliving daylights out of it), but I don't/can't just be "that guy" with one presentation.  Well, not if I want to go back to these places.  : )

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