Thursday, June 18, 2015

[Presenting] FWSSUG - my Slide Deck on EventLog_Tracking - using WMI to collect event logs (as well as other things)

Here's my latest presentation.  Pretty good reception overall.

Here's the basic premise: there's a lot that goes on our SQL boxes that we normally don't get involved in.  But SQL Server isn't an island - it's affected by the ebbs and flows of other processes.  I had a problem where I needed to collect the Windows Event Logs from a SQL server, and wound up going through a rabbit hole of interesting stuff you can do with WMI.  Here are the lessons I've learned.  All code already available (search for eventlog_tracking on this blog), and it's currently running on 60+ servers, collecting data every 15 minutes. It runs in under 2, and I think I could get it down under 1 if I had the time.

This is a predominantly slide presentation - the only demos I did were to run some of the command in the slide deck. 

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