Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[Presenting] Hello, Australia!

(Doh!  Didn't hit send before I left the office)

Tickled pink to have presented (virtually, alas... *sigh*) about 12 hours, at the Perth SQL Server User Group (

I did a fairly-basic-yet-still-pretty-cool presentation on WMI and why you, as a SQL Server admin, should care.  We'll also be tackling some Powershell, though mostly as a means to an end - solving problems you didn't know you have.  We'll look at collecting Event Logs, multiple ways to be notified when things change on your server (either within the server, or within SQL Server), even how to run a one-line command that could speed up your performance by 25% ("DBAs Hate Him - use this one crazy trick..."?).

You'll also got to see how well I present at 3am.  Bonus!

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Meiko Kaito said...

It's pretty clear for me. A very good post indeed!!