Thursday, April 23, 2009

[Code] Powershell - a basic script for all servers

Just acquainting myself with Powershell - I've known about it, but have preferred using Cygwin's shell. However, I wanted to run some code against all servers, and this seemed a good time to try with Powershell.

I found this original script, which would run the same code against all servers in a list. (

foreach ($svr in get-content "C:\MyInstances.txt"){
invoke-expression "SQLCMD -E -S $svr -i createMyuser.sql"


So then I adapted it - using SQLCMD /Lc to get a list of servers on the network, print the server name, then run SQLCMD against each server, running the c:\simplemodel.sql script (while you can run SQL inline, it kept parsing the @@ and choking on it). Not foolproof, mind you, but a good starting point.

foreach ($svr in (sqlcmd /Lc))
invoke-expression "SQLCMD -E -S $svr -i c:\simplemodel.sql"

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