Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[PASS] everything from my presentation today on Event Notifications

Thanks to all who attended.  Here's my Share with all the code samples and slide deck from today.  I'll be cleaning things up in the next couple of hours, replacing updated code and the like. 
Everything's current now - the "script 1-5" are the scripts shown during the demonstration.  The SSMS report and SSRS report have been added, and my automation script is the current version.  The Parse_EN_Messages was updated in November and hasn't changed since.

At the very least, find yourself a testbox and run Script 1 - that shows how it all works, and is a great Proof Of Concept.  You could also change the trace group to DDL_SERVER_LEVEL_EVENTS and see all the various things tracked.

Thanks again!

And my original blog post on it, which I keep updating:

and the video (Thanks to Mike for handling the video duties!)


Frank Canapa said...

Hello, I enjoyed the pod cast. I was wondering if the recording of it is available for download?



bourgon said...

It should be available on the PASS DBA site in a week or so. I know it was recorded.

bourgon said...

Looks like it's been posted!