Friday, March 15, 2013

[SSMS] Fun fact - Emacs!

Was going through my freshly formatted install, and put 2012 SSMS on it.  Then went digging to change the comment/uncomment shortcuts, and (of course) change Ctrl+O to it's old Query Analyzer function: New Database Engine Query (new window, choosing database connection at that time).  I honestly don't know how people DON'T have this mapped.  Do you seriously click each time, or go File->New->Database Engine Query?

Lo and behold...

and so on, and so forth.  Forty-three commands in total.  Impressive, if only because Emacs is the quintessential best/worst about Linux.

I'm both amused and annoyed by this:
1) You went to all the effort to emulate Emacs, but couldn't bother setting up a base shortcut for Database Engine Query, which you use all the frickin' time?
2) All the other glaring issues with SSMS, but you had time to emulate Emacs?
and of course, the most Egregious:
3) No VI mode!

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