Tuesday, July 8, 2014

[Presenting] Woot! I'm presenting at SQL Saturday 309, Oklahoma City!

Pleased and proud to have been selected to present at #SQLSatOKC, aka SQL Saturday 309, aka SQL Sat Oklahoma City.  Doing my presentation (continually updated) on Event Notifications, and capturing DDL changes (along with other fun stuff like Deadlocks and Errorlogs) in real time, and what you can do with that.

As always, I'm trying to figure out how to include all the details necessary to do it, not TOO many details, and add some fun stories on "heh, look how I saved the day". 

While actually remembering to breathe - a lot of details, and honestly, I get excited about presenting it.  The goal is to make the passion shine through, without seeming like a Spaz or newbie speaker. 

SQL Saturday Oklahoma City:
Aug 23 2014 at 13301 South Pennsylvania Avenue, OKC, OK 73170. 


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bconlon said...

Michael is an excellent presenter and provides practical advice that any DBA can benefit from. I have enjoyed a number of his presentations and hope to attend many more.