Friday, September 5, 2014

[Event Notifications] SQLWatchdog! (Coming to KC in a week)

I'm pleased as punch - presenting at SQL Saturday #300, Kansas City, in a week.

The title is "Master of All I Survey", because I wanted a grandiose title that would get butts in seats.  I was the target audience during 2 different PASSes where it was presented, yet didn't go to it because the title/abstract didn't sound relevant.  Sad to say, since I was the target audience!  Queue the "better" title. 

Alas, I seem to be the only one in love with it, so I changed it to "SQLWatchdog", based on a coworker's suggestion (HI, JASON).  It gets the point across - a Watchdog for SQL. 

If you look in this blog, you'll see it referenced as a couple of things, but the tag I try to use is "Event Notifications", so you can find them at

And as the KC SQLSat group appears to know how to have a good time, I'm ALSO going to fill my belly with BBQ, share it with the world after hitting roller coasters, and even sneak in a game.  A wonderful weekend to be sure.

See you there!

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