Monday, September 15, 2014

[Event Notifications] Tackling Database Lifecycle Management and Database Drift (via Redgate)

First, I'd like to thank Bill Fellows, Megan Longoria, and the rest of the Kansas City crew for an amazing weekend at SQLSaturday #300, aka #SQLSatKC.  We hit 2 BBQ places with them, another BBQ place and Boulevard Brewing with some other attendees, then went to an amazing baseball game.  Saturday was a full day with some awesome training (everything from "What's a DBA" to collecting ultra-detailed memory-consumption information), even more awesome BBQ, and ended at the nearby amusement park. 

My presentation went quite well, aside from all 3(!) VMs deciding to BSOD on me 15 minutes before I went on.  Good number of attendees (always a concern for me, personally).  Had some good questions, I like the audience participation & humor I've added, and had a good conversation on it afterwards. Overall, a definite win.  Now I need a new presentation so I can come back next year!


Normally I wouldn't just link to someone else's article, but they are more eloquent than me.  A good article on why you should track database changes in production (like I do with SQL Watchdog, aka "Master of All I Survey", aka "Evil Overlord").  That being said, I love the term "Database Drift", and I'm glad to see more companies looking into solving this issue.

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