Friday, December 12, 2014

[Presenting] What do I present on next?

Title says it all.  At this point I've pretty much hit every SQLSaturday that's easily reachable from here.  I've had a ball doing it, and the coworkers I drag along with me have had a lot of fun as well.

But I've presented on that topic (Event Notifications) at them.  So what's next?

I need to come up with a new session.  I can obviously just GO (maybe as a volunteer), but I think I have more fun when I'm there to present.  I wouldn't have thought so when I first started doing it, but it's the case and I'm cool with it. 

I just don't know what to present on.  Mark V, in his session, said that any topic is a good topic - everyone brings their experiences to it, and everyone explains it differently.  That being said, there are people who (in my mind) own their topic - they're of the MVP/MCM level (which I'm not in one case, and can never be in the other case), and their topic is freaking fantastic.

So, I want to come up with something useful to many people, and preferably something not often covered. 

Here are some of the thoughts that have been going through my head:

  • The $25000 (per core) Pyramid - what enterprise features don't you use?
  • ($25000 per) CORE - What is it good for?
Would probably be a relatively high-level session.  Cover Peer-to-Peer replication, Hekaton, Columnstore/Clustered Columnstore, things-that-used-to-be-Enterprise-but-are-now-standard,  AO, online restores, online indexes, mirrored backups, partitioning, compression, distributed replay, CDC etc.  Could even do non-Engine features like Tabular Model (BISM) and DQS.


  • Save all the things!  
A session about saving out various things for later, and parsing them for info.  I've got a solution built in Powershell called the EPR that's saved my bacon a bunch (using it right now to figure out when code was last run on all my servers), but could also cover things like pulling out connection strings from SSIS packages, etc.  But I could also expand parts into using Powershell, using SMO, etc.

  • SP_Server_Diagnostics for fun and profit
This would be a decent amount of work - while I have code that will shred out the results, there's a LOT more to it than that.  And I could expand and cover system_health.  The one problem is that Kehayias had a decent session about it at PASS 2013.


Aaaaaaand.... that's all I have right now.  Any thoughts gratefully appreciated.

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