Thursday, December 10, 2015

[T-SQL] Basic Pivot automation script

There's a guy out there who has a great dynamic pivot CLR.  This is a much simpler version.  I _think_ this is original to me.  I've been using it in various projects on this blog, but I don't see where I posted just this code.

Say you have records from your monitor that happens to Track EventLogs.
We'll call it EventLog_Tracking for argument's sake (hint hint and want to look at trends over time.

First, you'd need a grouped set.

SELECT sourcename, CONVERT(DATE, TimeGenerated) AS the_date, COUNT(*) AS the_count
INTO #temp
FROM EventLog_201512
WHERE sourcename LIKE 'microsoft-windows%'
GROUP BY SourceName, CONVERT(DATE,TimeGenerated)
ORDER BY CONVERT(DATE,TimeGenerated), SourceName

And you want it to look like...

Here's the base pivot code.  For this example, replace down with "the_date" and across with "sourcename"

If you want a name or something instead of the number, then do something like "max(yourname)" instead of "sum(the_count)"

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