Wednesday, January 6, 2016

[Presenting] SQL Saturday Austin 2016, here I come!

Woohoo!  Come join us on January 30th, 2016, at Wingate Round Rock, for another awesome SQL Saturday!  I presented last year on SQLWatchdog/Event Notifications, and I'm thrilled they chose me again.

This year: WMI! 

Practically?  EVENT LOGS AND MORE.  Your SQL Server runs on a machine.  Be it virtual or physical, there's stuff going on there that you should know about.  Let's collect them.  And then, since we're building this process out of it, what else can we do?  A BUNCH.  Fix your server's Power Plan!  Monitor for file changes! Check logins! SQL Server Changes! More! And it's all stuff I use in production, so set it up Monday!

There looks to be 36 different sessions, and I see some friendly faces (Tim Mitchell, John Sterrett, Amy Harold) some people I've wanted to see speak (Thomas LaRock, Robert Davis), and some sessions that just sound seriously cool (Regexp, "Analyze your query plan like a Microsoft Engineer", "Azure Data Factory"). It'll be a blast!  And it's FREE. 

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