Thursday, April 7, 2016

#BacktoBasics - a list of my basic precepts/tenets/rules

So, last December, Tim Ford (aka @SQLAgentMan) posted this challenge:


We're now in April and I've "been meaning to" for 3 months now.  So let's get some #backtobasics.

Here's my personal list of rules.  My goal is to expound upon them, 1 post per month.  We'll see if I hit that.

Rule 0: Backup
Rule 2: Data/Log ALWAYS separated
Rule 3: Complexity is the enemy.
Rule 4: Layers of Abstraction
Rule 5: Question Assumptions
Rule 6: NULL is NULL
Rule 7: Once, Adhoc. Twice, Automate.
Rule 8: If you have time, build the framework. (See #3)

Some of the stuff to cover, off the top of my head:
0: Ola, testing, tweaks, diff/full/log
1: Why it matters, why it works, when it doesn't, alternatives, flushing the cache
2: if you can't grow one or the other...
3: find some stories. The 5 hops for replication come to mind.
4: not just views. Synonyms, CNAMEs, views, etc.
5: "it works this way in SQL 200X" "well, SP1" "well, CU5 but not SP1 CU4"
6: Find some examples about getting burned by it.
7: pretty explanatory.  You get one whack at the pie for free.
8: contradicts 3, but reinforces 7. The EPR, partitioning, EN's blacklist.

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