Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SSISDB - making a more useful email (additional code so you don't need SQL Sentry)

As you may know by reading, I built a process a while ago that will scan the SSISDB history, when passed a job, and send out an email with the details of the most recent failure.  I love it and it means you get a useful email instead of a "go run the Integration Services Dashboard and start hunting" that it currently sends.

However, we run a LOT of SSIS jobs, multiple per minute, and so the query now takes over 30 seconds to return.  Which sucks, because SQL Sentry's "execute SQL" has a hard cut-off of 30 seconds.  So we stopped getting the useful emails.  I wanted to fix that.

First attempt: go look in sysjobhistory for failed jobs, and then walk through the jobs that failed and run my SSISDB code explicitly.


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bourgon said...

And let me add that I haven't fixed the problem that one of the regulars here has pointed out. I need to, yes, just haven't gotten back to it yet.