Monday, May 25, 2015

[Offtopic] Setting up a networked Laserwriter 16/600 with Windows 7 x64

I just finished building a new PC, and wanted to get my old workhorse-of-a-printer working again.  I seem to recall jumping through hoops last time, and thought I'd posted it here.  Nope!  So went digging, finally found good instructions... then realized, whilst printing the test page, that I was the one who'd written those instructions.  Color me pink!

Thanks to Alan Morris who I thanked 5 years ago... the instructions still work perfectly.

Thread from:

Part A (same as above):

downloaded XP pro x64
mounted ISO
Start->Run->"printui /s /t2"-> ctrl+shift+enter (to run as admin)
Add... -> x64-> Have Disk -> amd64\ntprint.inf -> Apple ->Laserwriter 16/600 PS
Then: Control Panel ->Devices and Printers, Add Printer, Add Local Printer, Create a New Port, Standard TCP/IP Port, Add the printer's IP address, (wait several minutes for it to time out), tell it Generic Network Card, (wait for it to time out again), Have Disk, choose the same NTPRINT.inf file as above, tell it to keep the current driver, finish.
Naturally, it appears to have loaded, but can't talk to the printer, though I can telnet to it.  Not to make it print to the network.

Part B: printing to it

Control Panel
Programs and Features
Turn Windows features on or off
Expand Print and Document Services
Check LPR Port Monitor

Go to printer
Right-click->printer properties->Ports
Check the port you've set for the printer (the Standard TCP/IP Port), then click Configure Port
set port to 515 (do this first; it grays out when you set protocol).  Set protocol to LPR, Queue Name = lp (lowercase LP), LPR Byte Counting Enabled.
Note that this is FINICKY.  All these settings have to be just right.  If any of them are off, it won't work.

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