Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[Presenting] 24 Hours of PASS - I'm speaking!

Too cool not to put here.

Growing the Community

Yup, I'll be presenting, at 8am Central time, June 24th (2015), 13:00 GMT.

On what?  Event Notifications, of course, to track down Code(T-SQL) changes in your environment!  I'm still loving and using it relentlessly, and my former coworkers who used it all love it and run it in their environments.  You should too!  At this point, I can tell you what changes were made, anywhere from 2 years ago to 5 minutes ago.  And it's all checked into source control. 

The .Net Devs love it (they know what it actually looks like, not just what they think it looks like), the Ops people love it (ah, okay, so this person deployed/changed the code at this date), the auditors love it (oh hey, there's a trail of changes), and the SQL Devs love it (oh, that's right, we had that emergency fix for performance on that box since it could use feature X). 

 So, here's the iterations of the name:
  • Master of all I Survey (grandiose title to get people to read the abstract - that's the hardest part!)
  • SQL Watchdog (needed something shorter, but it was confusing because it sounds like a program name - which, ironically, was the intent.  Make it catchy and They Will Come)
  • (Project) Overlord.  (I originally wanted to call it Evil Overlord, but apparently that's a cultural thing not everyone gets).  Plus, then I get the WW2 association, storming the beaches and all that.
Tickled pink to be picked, for several reasons.
  1. I'm glad to see PASS trying to actively get more people to present.  I've been doing SQL work for over 15 years, but just decided the past 3 to start presenting. Now that I have, though, I'm encouraging everyone on our team(s) do do the same.  You wind up learning things REALLY WELL, it's fun, and you help others.  We have a crazy big & complex environment, so we have all the toys, all the tricks, and all the fun.  We do everything from clusters to compression to partitioning to filtered indexes to CTEs to Window Functions to Clustered Columnstores to... all in a high-transaction shop.  Most people don't have all that, but would like to learn.  And we've been doing it long enough we have some tidbits to make it easier for others.
  2. Free training, and you don't have to leave your couch/desk/etc!  And it's cool stuff!  Encryption! Power BI! Error Log Repositories! Azure Machine Learning! BIML! Agile Development with SSIS!  And that's only 1/4th of it!
  3. Holy cow, it's A Big Deal.  Traditionally it's been chock full of Big Names (and names that _should_ be big), there are a lot of good speakers, people I follow, that I've seen, spoken with at length, and the fact that I'm in it is very cool.
Save the date!  June 24-25!

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