Thursday, May 14, 2015

[Presenting] I'll be at 24 Hours of PASS - will you?


Woohoo!  Chuffed, Stoked, Psyched... all the adjectives. 

24 Hours of PASS is a yearly event, a precursor to the Main Event, PASS Summit (which has hundreds of sessions, thousands of people, and tons of awesomeness).  Traditionally it's been a "here's what to expect at PASS", with a ton of names.  This year, though, the premise was "Growing Our Community", and only accepted submissions from people who'd never presented at Summit.  Which, IMHO, is really cool.  Not sure what their intent is, but what I did was start with the local User Groups, work up to a VC, present at SQL Saturdays, then 24HOP, and eventually/hopefully, Summit. 

Anyhow, it's totally online, 24 sessions in a row, and totally free. June 24-25.  There's a ton of awesome speakers on there - I've heard of many of them, know several, and am probably going to watch as many fresh faces as I can!

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